"I've never seen so many stars!" is commonly exclaimed by first-time visitors when they experience our pristine night skies. Dramatic star views can also be had by attending a public event at the Smokey Jack Observatory. If you are looking to book the Smokey Jack Observatory for a free, private viewing hosted by one of our trained Star Guides, you can make a reservation here! 


One of a Kind Experience!

You are invited to visit Colorado's 1st, and 9th in the world, certified International Dark Sky communities of Westcliffe & Silver Cliff, located in Southern Colorado's historic Wet Mountain Valley between the Wet Mountain and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. As two of the highest altitude Internastional Dark Sky towns in the world, combined with the preservation efforts of the community, spectacular views of the Milky Way can be seen, even from a lighted Main Street!

Additionally, Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley maintains one of the largest and most state of the art telescopes in the state of Colorado at the Smokey Jack Observatory in Westcliffe, CO. Free public Star Parties are scheduled from May to October based on current astronomical events. Visitors to the Valley can also reserve their own private Star Party, hosted by one of our trained Star Guides, for free throughout the year during evenings as sky and weather conditions allow.

A visit to the pristine and unpolluted night skies of the Wet Mountain Valley will return you to an experience, rare in our modern world yet so commonly found throughout all of human history. You will reconnect and leave with a sense of wonder and awe at what has always been right above us all!