Light Pollution Resources

Thinking of forming a new dark sky group and/or starting the IDA Places "Community" certification process? Dark Skies of the Wet Mountain Valley member Ed Stewart wrote an excellent resource article: “Suggestions for Establishing a Local Dark Sky Group to Ultimately Earn Certification as an International Dark Sky Community.”

International Dark-Sky Association (IDA):
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<Lighting Solutions> <Resources> <Lighting Vendors>
<Ways to Give> <Westcliffe/Silver Cliff”s IDA Community Page>

Facebook page for the IDA Colorado state chapter. "Like" the page, and you can post on their wall.

Custer County Tourism’s Dark Skies Page, Smokey Jack Observatory Page

Excellent Pages of Light Pollution Definitions, Descriptions, and Resource Links
     Global 2006 Light Pollution Map — Color Overlays on Zoomable Map
 2006 Light Pollution Atlas — Download Hi-Rez Images by Continent
The New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness, 2016 — Interactive map
Full earth image of light pollution
Very complete description and many resource links
Good description and large set of related links.
Tackling Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights
General light pollution description
Weighing the Costs of LED Street Lights Article
LED Lighting Design Considerations for Smart Cities Article
Costs and Health Effects of Pollution (includes all forms of pollution)
Health Effects of Light Pollution (many links provided)

Colorado Advocates for Smarter Lighting (C.A.S.L.)

Wikipedia Light Pollution Description and Definition of Terms

Sky Quality Monitoring Program and Bortle Scale Descriptions

Creating a Strategic Donation Plan for a Dark Sky Organization

PDF brochure: Consumer's Guide to Dark Sky Friendly Lighting from the
     New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance 

Tutorial Videos on basic astronomy and how to conduct a star party:
Astronomy video series on YouTube: Crash Course Astronomy

Ultimate Resource Guide for Astronomy

How to Conduct an Entertaining and Educational Star Party

A lecture, All About Telescopes, given on April 27, 2018 in Westcliffe, CO on the telescope: its history, considerations in selecting one, and the pros/cons of the commonly available commercially produced refractors, reflectors, and SCTs.

If you would like to see some of the media coverage regarding our continued work or regarding our IDA Dark Sky Community Certification you can visit our press page for in-depth articles and videos.